Episode 17: Actively Traded Cryptocurrencies. Inactive & Deadcoins.

This crypto shot features Clay Collins, the founder and CEO of Nomics. I did a 70-min interview with Clay in episode 5 of the podcast. Since this was one of my favorite conversations so far, I wanted to reshare my favorite highlights from that episode. In particular:

  1. How exchanges create fake volumes out of thin air.
  2. What makes Nomics different from other pricing trackers and API providers.
  3. Why Nomics classifies crypto assets as actively traded, inactive and deadcoins.
    And we finish off with some valuable insights from Clay on building a successful company.

Clay’s Webinar (must watch if you trade and care about liquidity)

Crypto Market Data 101: Fake Volume, Exchange Spam, and How The Seedy Market Data Underworld Actually Works – https://webinar.nomics.com

Clay’s Contact

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