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Ep. 21 – Model Sees Bitcoin at $90,000 in 2020

In this episode, we meet, Jürgen Michels, the Chief Economist of the German BayernLB bank. The bank recently published a model where Jürgen’s team estimates the price of BTC to reach $90K in 2020. This estimation comes not from some random person, but from a state-owned German Bank. The moment I read the paper I instantly reached out to Jürgen and here he is on the Borderless Crypto.

Ep. 20 – Bitcoin in 2010s Behaves like Gold in 1970s

This is an insightful conversation with Matt Houghan, the head of research at Bitwise Asset Management. Bitwise is the first provider of cryptoasset index funds. Matt and I discuss tokenized gold coins. Matt explains why he doesn’t hold gold in his portfolio but instead he does hold bitcoin. He further outlines the characteristics which make Bitcoin an emerging store of value and he draws some fascinating similarities between the history of gold and the history of bitcoin.

Ep. 19 – The Master of Crypto Liquidity & OTC Automation

I am especially thrilled to be publishing this interview with the fascinating Sam Bankman-Fried. While studying physics at MIT Sam decided that he can have the biggest impact in solving these problems by making money as a trader and donating it to important causes. In 2017, he launched Alameda Research to address the liquidity problems he saw in the growing crypto industry. Two years later, his team is trading an average of $1B a day across crypto markets, they are among the top 3 most profitable traders on BitMex, having realized profits exceeding $50M. The team has already donated $4M to save human livesprevent animal suffering, and research AI.

Ep. 18 – Trade Stocks & Bonds With Crypto. Profit in Crypto.

This time I am meeting Ivan Gowan, who is the founder and CEO of Currency.com. This is the first regulated tokenized securities exchange which allows crypto holders to get price exposure to more than 1000 securities such as Apple, Facebook, and Telsa stock, governmental bonds, and industry indices like the S&P500 and the DAX.

Ep. 17 – Actively Traded Cryptocurrencies. Inactive & Deadcoins.

This crypto shot features Clay Collins, the founder and CEO of Nomics. I did a 70-min interview with Clay in episode 5 of the podcast. In this crypto shot I have selected some of my favorite highlights from my chat with Clay.

Ep. 16 – Preethi Kasireddy, CEO of TruStory – the Social Network for Debating

In this episode, I am talking to Preethi Kasireddy, the founder of TruStory – the only place on the internet where you can have truly constructive debates on crypto topics. This is a place where you go to not to argue and prove how smart you are, but to genuinely look for the truth or at least all sides of a particular story. 

Ep. 15 – Daniel Shin, Co-Founder of Terra: The Stablecoin Which Pays You to Use It

In this episode, I meet Daniel Shin, the co-founder of Terra – a fascinating stablecoin and payments network, backed by some of the biggest crypto VC funds. Terra is unlike any other stablecoin. They are not about trading. They are about spending in the real world.

Ep. 14 – What Makes the Terra Stablecoin Better Than Facebook’s Libra?

This crypto shot features Daniel Shin, the co-founder of the Terra stablecoin and payments network, who explains how Terra compares to Facebook’s Libra, and what gives Terra a powerful advantage over Libra.

Ep. 13 – Why E-Commerce Platforms Love the Terra Stablecoin

This crypto shot features Daniel Shin, the co-founder of the Terra stablecoin and payments network, who explains why all e-commerce platforms are super enthusiastic to start accepting payments in Terra.

Ep. 12 – How Is Terra Vastly Different from All Other Stablecoins?

This crypto shot features Daniel Shin, the co-founder of the Terra stablecoin and payments network, who explains what makes Terra fundamentally different from all established stablecoins.

Ep. 11 – the Power of Narratives, Decentralized Social Media, and the Benefits of Majoring in History

Today I have a very special guest. Nathaniel Whittemore – the master of crypto narratives. He is a renowned marketer, thought leader, and curator in the cryptocurrency space. He is most famous for his Long Read Sunday twitter threads, where every week he builds an engaging story off of the major news and opinions the crypto community is most excited about.

This talk consists of 3 distinct parts. Think of them as 3 crypto shots. You can listen to all of them at once. Or you can listen to just 1 or 2 shots, which cover the topics you are most interested in. Each of these crypto shots is available as a separate episode on the playlist of the Borderless Crypto podcast.

Ep. 10 – Apple – the Catalyst for New Privacy-First Tech Standards

Тhis crypto short features Nathaniel Whittemore, the author of the popular crypto newsletter Long Reads Sunday, with whom we discuss privacy. Today, for the most part, you don’t have privacy. Google and Facebook probably know more about you than you know about yourself. But that might change as Apple recently started to care, respect and fight for your privacy. Nathaniel analyzes why Apple’s move may be the catalyst to make you a sovereign of your data.

Ep. 9 – Why Building Decentralized Social Media is Hard?

In this crypto shot Nathaniel Whittemore and I discuss what keeps us attached to the centralized Facebook, Twitter and what is the key ingredient that could make us switch to a decentralized alternative? This shot presents an absolutely brilliant analysis from Nathaniel.

Ep. 8 – Why Your Crypto Project Needs a Narrative?

Тhis crypto short features Nathaniel Whittemore, the author of the popular crypto newsletter Long Reads Sunday. In the coming 20 minutes, Nathaniel and I cover what is narrative marketing? Why companies must employ it as a foundational layer of all their marketing and communication activities? What are some prime examples of crypto business utilizing narrative marketing? How Nathaniel can help you build your company narrative.

Ep. 7 – Bill Ottman, CEO of Minds

Today I am talking to Bill Ottman, the founder, and CEO of Minds.com – the social media platform, which unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is 100% open source – meaning their software code is completely public. Among many other things Bill shares first – what sets Minds apart from existing social media giants, second – he gives us a recipe on how to build your profile and grow your followers on Minds.com so that you get way more engagement than what you are getting on FB, Twitter, etc…., third – Bill provides us with a list of open-source products, which fully respect your rights and do not sell your user data.

Ep. 6 – Nathan Worsley, CTO of LocalCoinSwap

In this episode, I meet Nathan Worsley – the Chief Technical Officer at LocalCoinSwap – a P2P cryptocurrency exchange, allowing anyone globally to buy and sell crypto assets directly with each other securely, completely privately, without any KYC using over 250 different payment methods. This is yet another project that is removing financial borders and therefore I had to feature them on the Borderless Crypto podcast. Even if you are in countries which ban crypto, like Venezuela for example, with the LocalCoinSwap platform you can still buy Bitcoin, Ether, Stablecoins and escape your local reality.

Ep. 5 – Clay Collins, CEO of Nomics

This time I meet Clay Collins, the CEO of Nomics, a data company delivering professional-grade market data APIs. This may sound boring, but you will be surprised how truly intriguing and entertaining this talk gets. We cover what Nomics does and how it sets the solid data foundations for the crypto industry to grow. Clay and I also talk extensively about trading volumes, fake trading volumes, and how Nomics fosters the adoption of best practices by crypto exchanges with its recently launched “Exchanges Transparency Ratings.” Clay also compares Nomics to CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, OnchainFX, and others.

Ep. 4 – Hart Lambur, CEO of UMA

UMA recently took over crypto media with the announcement of the USStocks token, which allows anyone with access to the internet to participate in the US stock market. The fact that UMA breaks literally all financial borders made it absolutely necessary for me to have them on the podcast. While the project is still in its early days, its potential is hard to understate. UMA is building the infrastructure that will allow even people in the lowest income bracket to build a diverse investment portfolio or to get exposure to assets that are today accessible only to large institutional investors.

Ep. 3 – Nik Patel, Renowned Trader & Author

If you google about “trading altcoins” the top result you will find is Nik Patel and his “Altcoin Trader’s Handbook”, an extremely practical and at the same time entertaining guide on how to analyze, trade, and profit from altcoins. Half-way through reading Nik’s book, I knew I wanted to interview him. He has seen it all – from generating 43X returns to losing all of his capital.

Ep. 2 – Tory Reiss, Co-Founder of TrustToken

This time I have Tory Reiss, co-founder of the TrustToken Asset Tokenization Platform. Tory shares how their company was bootstrapped, raised capital from elite VCs and launched one of the biggest regulated stablecoins – the TrueUSD. Recently they also launched the TrueGBP. Tory and I talk about the ways in which you can use TrueUSD to easily transact internationally or to simply earn passive income with the interest-earning product of Nexo. 

Ep. 1 – Jamie Finn, President of Securitize

Jamie Finn is a seasoned executive leading tech and telecommunications companies. He is currently President at Securitize.io – one of the world’s leading asset tokenization platforms. In this talk, Jamie shares his professional background, how Meyer Malka and Wences Casares got him in the crypto space, and why he decided to build Securitize along with the DS protocol.